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01: Dr Brian Peterson. Eat right. 1st piece of the lifestyle puzzle.

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RHR-Episode-2For 2.5 million years, our ancestors hunted and gathered and became the dominant mammal to reign supreme over the earth. With our large brains and skills, we carved our greatness as the top of the food chain.

But now, we are the sickest species on the planet. We have totally changed the environment, the diet, the exercise and movement patterns, the stress levels. We have completely removed our mammalian body from what it was used to for millions of years and created a false environment that has created the diseases of civilisation, that are unfamiliar to hunters and gatherers.

Rate and review us on iTunes!We now have the greatest moment in history to be able to recognise what is required for humans to live a quality and quantity of life with health and vitality. We have all the resources at our fingertips to be able to provide ourselves and our families with the simple instructions that our genes require to avoid disease and create great health.

So lets work out exactly what we need to do for our diet and nutrition, and then, the hard part, getting ourselves to actually do it. We are going to talk about some simple strategies for transferring our family to a primal, paleo, innate lifestyle.

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