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About Cactus Chiropractic

A Natural Approach to Health in Logan

Welcome to Cactus Chiropractic!

Plants. Animals. People. We’re all part of a natural ecosystem. When we see that our plants are drooping or in need of help, we automatically think they must need water or sunlight — natural fixes.

When we are sick, we turn instead to medicine or surgery to solve our problems. Why not rely on nature to do the work?

At Cactus Chiropractic we believe that a healthy diet, proper exercise and routine chiropractic care will allow you to enjoy optimal health — the natural way!

Caring for Your Family

We welcome you to our warm, friendly, family practice, conveniently located in your neighbourhood. Since 1999, Dr Brian Peterson (Chiropractor) has been caring for infants, the elderly, pregnant mothers and every member of your family.

We offer chiropractic, remedial massage and lifestyle coaching and are located just off the motorway with a convenient car park. There’s no need to look any further for the care you need.

Helping You Understand Your Health

Our goal is to help families in our community reach optimal health through natural chiropractic lifestyle care. We want to educate patients about chiropractic and good spinal hygiene to help make a difference in their lives.

Ready to try chiropractic?

Call (07) 3808 8040 today to schedule your appointment. We look forward to seeing you!