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Our Chiropractic Techniques

Our techniques at Cactus Chiropractic in Logan

Our techniques are gentle and effective

Better Health, Naturally

At Cactus Chiropractic, we provide the tools you need on your journey to better health. In addition to chiropractic care, we offer healing massage.

You can find a variety of healthful supplements, including fish oil, Vitamin D and probiotics, right in our office! We also stock other products that compliment our care such as wheatbags, pillows, PosturePoles, ice packs and Fiocreme.

A Gentle Touch

Dr Brian (Chiropractor) uses very gentle chiropractic techniques, which are comfortable and safe for everyone from infants to the elderly.

Our patients benefit from a variety of techniques, each suited for different patients and different conditions.

The most commonly used techniques include:

Which technique is right for you? Call (07) 3808 8040 today to find out how you may benefit from chiropractic!