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New Patients at Cactus Chiropractic Lifestyle Centre

Welcome to Cactus Chiropractic Lifestyle Centre! We are honoured that you’ve chosen our Springwood clinic for your chiropractic care.

Your First Visit

Once you’ve decided that chiropractic care is right for you, we’ll have you download and complete our new patient paperwork to get to know you a bit better. You’ll bring this paperwork to your first visit with Dr Brian Peterson (Chiropractor).

Your visit will begin with a thorough spinal health assessment, where Dr Brian will be test the following:

  • Range of motion
  • Grip
  • Core strength
  • Balance
  • Posture

He’ll also use his hands to identify any spinal misalignments (this is called palpation).

With the information from his assessment and your completed questionnaire, Dr Brian can determine the appropriate care plan to help you feel your best. If needed, he’ll order additional studies, like X-rays.

If Dr Brian determines that someone else is better suited to provide care for you he will find a different practitioner to help you.

Doctor consulting with mom and child

Typically, patients receive their first adjustment at their first visit. You can expect this appointment to last about 45 minutes.We ask that you wear comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch and bend; this might be the same thing you would wear to the gym. Flat, comfortable shoes are best.Occasionally, some patients will not be adjusted until their second visit to Cactus Chiropractic Lifestyle Centre to give Dr Brian time to review the results of X-rays or other studies.

When we see you in the office for your second visit, Dr Brian will provide you with a detailed report regarding your assessment, including a spinal health score. He’ll also review your care plan and give you strategies to help improve your score.

You’ll have access to a special website,, which provides you with detailed information about improving your health. An individual patient login is required.

This visit will last approximately 20 minutes.

After visit 12, we will evaluate your progress, having you undergo assessments again and comparing the results of those to the ones we gathered at your initial appointment.

Every 12 visits, we will repeat that process as long as you are a patient at the clinic. We do these rechecks so you can see that you’re getting results.

Any further visits after this are considerably shorter, requiring only about five minutes of your time.

A variety of educational resources is also available to help guide you on your journey towards better health. We also will give you information about things you can to at home to maintain your spinal health.

How long you are under care is up to you. While we do map out long-term care plans, there is no financial commitment. It’s up to you to decide how much or how little care you want. We are here for you, whatever you decide.

Take That First Step

Are you ready to get started? Contact Cactus Chiropractic Lifestyle Centre to begin your journey to good health.


New Patients at Cactus Chiropractic Lifestyle Centre | (07) 3808 8040