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Unleash Your Gene-ius Episode 19: Quirky Cooking

Jo WhittonThis week on the Unleash Your Gene-ius podcast Dr Brian talks to Jo Whitton who gives us her personal story of how she helped with her sons’ gut issues and heal from a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder using the GAPS diet.

Jo Whitton is the food blogger behind Quirky Cooking, podcast host of the “A Quirky Journey” podcast, a speaker and author of two books Quirky Cooking and Life-Changing Food.
More importantly, she’s a mom who through the power of food and changing to a gut-friendly diet, found she could make important changes to her family’s health.

Jo provides us with the tools, knowledge, and strategies to provide ourselves health care from the kitchen. And she does it in the kindest, most generous of ways. You can feel her sincerity and loveliness in her voice.

If you are a Mom or Dad, or anyone healing from gut issues this episode is for you.

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