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Unleash Your Gene-ius: Episode 22 - The Merrymaker Sisters

The MerryMaker SistersIn this episode of the Unleash Your Gene-ius Podcast Dr Brian and Yvette speak to Emma and Carla Papas, the Merrymaker Sisters.

The Merrymaker Sisters are health and happiness advocates, passionate entrepreneurs and health coaches, on a mission to merrymake over the world.

After living with negative body image, fad diets and quick fixes they realised that real food was the answer and from that realisation came the joyous, infectious health and happiness that is the business of The Merrymaker Sisters.  They help over 1.5 million people every year live healthier, happier lives through their books, podcast, real food recipes, articles and speaking engagements, as well as their 14 Day Merrymaker Challenge which provides challengers with meal plans, live masterclasses and a supportive online community.
They choose to add more fun to every day to create a less stressed life.

Born and bred in Canberra and currently living on the Gold Coast, Australia, if they’re not at their laptops you’ll spot them at yoga or pilates, walking on the beach or at the local cafe drinking chai and eating raw cake. #getmerry

Listen in and #GetMerry with Dr Brian, Yvette and The Merrymaker Sisters on the Unleash Your Gene-ius Podcast!


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